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What We Offer

With 25+ years of experience under our belt, we can help you with all aspects of your gardening project. We can help you visualize the end result, develop the roadmap to your creation or selecting the plants and materials to turn your gardening dream into reality.

Products and services

  • Design Service: Whether Landscape, garden, or container design, we have staff and skill level to help you visualize and realize your gardening dream.

  • Pottery: Beautiful selections for both indoor and outdoor containers

  • Gift Shop: Stocked with unique gifts, gift ideas, and items of décor

  • Soil, Mixes, Fertilizers & Amendments: Start your plants off right with the best soil amendments, mulches, and fertilizers

  • Bird Supplies: We can provide you with what you need to create a natural and friendly wild bird envirnment

  • Lawn Care Supplies: Growing a lush lawn requires good planning and establishing a systematic program of lawn maintenance

  • Proven Winners: A Gold Key Grower for the leading brand of high-quality flowering plants in North America

  • Pests & Disease: Helping you diagnose problems and getting prescriptive treatment for taking control

Resource Material

  • Our Blog: Here you'll find specific articles authored by experts in their field

  • Our Resources Page: You'll find links to other websites that specialize in gardening and landscape topics