Trees and Shrubs

Planting and Care Tips

Prep and Plant

Proper soil preparation is the most important first step to healthy, beautiful plants.

  • Dig planting holes no deeper than the new plant's root system, but at least twice as wide. Be sure to break up existing clay soils well.
  • When placing your plant in the hole, be sure to position it no deeper than it was growing in the pot.
  • Backfill planting hole with a mixture of 2/3 native soil (clods broken up) and 1/3 Daddy Pete's Planting Mix
  • Water well to help settle the soil and get your new shrubs off to a healthy start.

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One of the most frequent questions we get at King's is "How often do I water my new plants?". While there is no true formula to fit every situation, follow these tips:

  • Check your plants daily for signs of drought stress such as wilting of tips and flowers or slightly more pale leaf or needle color.
  • During the first warm seasons most, new plants will need a deep watering two to three times a week.
  • Try to check plants for drought stress early in the morning or early evening if possible. Even well-watered plants may wilt in the heat of mid-day.
  • In time watering needs will decrease as roots spread through well amended soil.
  • Perennials usually have small root systems and may require more frequent watering to become established; again, soak the root ball area.
  • Use caution to avoid constantly soggy, wet soils as these damage plant roots and contribute to fungal diseases that can kill your plants. Remember, you can always add water to a dry plant, but it is impossible to reverse the damage caused by over-watering.