Deer Resistant Plants

Deer may appear to be graceful, harmless animals, but they can wreak havoc on your landscape.

Contrary to popular belief, deer are thriving in areas of suburban growth and land development. Deer don't go further into the woods to avoid people, especially if we're serving a tasty, nutritious, all-you-can-eat meal right in our yard. Hungry deer can wipe out foliage, flowers and even entire plants in a single night of feeding.

Gardeners have tried predator lights, ultrasonic sound, and water sprinklers, as well as commercial sprays that affect taste and smell to keep deer out of the landscape. While all of these may have some effect, there is no single solution to deer browsing issues – it may take a combination to create a landscape that is uninviting to the deer.

One of the easiest ways to reduce deer damage in your yard is to landscape with plants deer prefer not to eat. There are many beautiful and useful plant varieties deer simply don’t like. For more tips on understanding deer and the plants that are deer resistant, check out this article, Deer Resistant Plants, by NC State University – North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

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