Design Services

We'll help you select the right plants and materials for your project

Landscape and Garden Design

Landscaping is perhaps the most important detail in making the first impression of your home beautiful and inviting. Whether you need an entire makeover or a unique focus garden, we have the experts to assist you, from planning through execution.

We'll help you choose plants with the right horticultural features – size, growth habit, lifespan, as well as multi-seasonal color, and tailor other landscape features to best suit your space. Creating a healthy growing environment for your plants may mean amending the soil, and we have the products and expertise to guide you through the steps.

To help us get started, bring a few pictures of your yard, or where you want your focus garden. It’s also helpful to have measurements (how big is the area), compass points and existing elements (will it get morning or afternoon sun, will a structure or trees cast shade on the space), soil composition and elevation (how well will the area drain) or other special considerations. Our team will consider those basics as well as how the garden will be used, your preferred style (is it formal, casual, modern), and how best to enhance or blend with the existing elements.

Too much to get home? No worries, we can deliver it to you.

No time? We can arrange for a professional to do the work for you.

Just talk with one of our expert staff and we'll get started on your project, big or small.

Container Design

Want nonstop color all season long? You may not have the space or time to maintain a large garden, but you can still enjoy the benefits through container gardening. Want to bring a little of the outdoors in? Houseplants are a great way to brighten your home and may even provide some health benefits.

All you need is a container (pottery, planter, hanging basket, etc.), soil, plants you love, and you’re on your way.

Our staff can assist you in selecting all the right the ingredients, whether you’re looking for a single houseplant or a grand collection for your yard or deck. We have a full selection of containers in all sizes, shapes, and colors, the best potting soils, and your choice of flowering plants and greenery. We also have a potting service available right here in our greenhouse; just pick out your plants, describe the look you want, and we'll plant it for you while you are off browsing around for other items.

If you need help getting your new creation home, we’ll be happy to deliver it to you.